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Krieg der Farben

by Suzanne G. on March 9th, 2005

(Found on WWI Photographs in Colour)
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Wehe wühlt
Harren starrt entsetzt
Kreißen schüttert
Bären spannt die Glieder
Die Stunde blutet
Frage hebt das Auge
Die Zeit gebärt

- August Stramm (1874-1915)

→ Related article on the invention of colour photography at the very beginning of the 20th century.



The Armory Show 2005

@ Piers 90 & 92, NYC, USA
March 10 - 14, 2005

Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers

@ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC, USA
March 19 - April 16, 2005

→ Featuring the work of Jonathan Weiner and Donovan Crosby

N.B.: Exhibition runs parallel to Ray Caesar's
Hidden Doors and Secret Rooms solo show.

Miss Derringer

@ The Fold, L.A., USA
March 10, 2005

N.B.: This is Miss Derringer's first show with their new guitar player Jimmy Wilsey

Resistance Festival

@ Electrowerkz, London, UK
March 18 - 19, 2005

(Hecate in Basel)

→ Featuring Hecate, Mothboy, Leech Woman, DHC Meinhof, Eiterherd, Projecto Mirage and many, many more...

Symposium Merzbau (Preview)

@ Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, CH
March 12, 2005, 2 - 6 PM

→ Featuring Merzbow (a.k.a. Masami Akita)

Helmar Lerski – Metamorphosen des Gesichts

@ Fotostiftung, Winterthur, CH
March 12 - May 22, 2005



I've just flickred the images of the recent Chapman Brother's Explaining Christians to Dinosaurs show at Kunsthaus Bregenz. Go have a gander.

Explaining Christians to Dinosaurs_09

In other totally irrelevant art news, the English Gorgeous Collective still have the most... err.. gorgeous site on the interweb. Yup.



It looks like people's generosity is endless in spring.

Thank you, Stéphane Blanquet for your purty thankyou email and you, Mr Douglas Sery from the amazing MIT Press for generously offering me a Laibach book. Wheeeez!

You made me and my embalmed sinister duckie very very happy, Sires! :)



Here's our collective horrorscope, Michelle and Juju... o_O

(via The Onion)



Reason No. 3 To Have Kids:

They might have cool facial deformations and you can earn a fortune by selling them to a freak show troupe from North Azerbaijan.

(via Dark Victoria - click to enlarge)

(c.f. previous issues: Reason No. 1 | Reason No. 2 )

Wurzelsite Update

by Suzanne G. on March 8th, 2005

(Presenting my scary serial killer hand - click to enlarge)

You may have already noticed that both my website, the blog and the forum got a spiffy new tapestry. It's based on a pixel pattern that the lovely folks over at k10k provided.

I also added a couple of new pictures to the gallery, added more books to the sales page and updated the following link categories (click on buttons for pop-ups):

Please don't hesitate to email me if you want to be linked.

Make sure to specify the appropriate category.

Thankies! :)

Oh, and thanks for sending me that lovely pin set, Mr Robottle!



Reason No. 2 To Have Kids

(C.f. previous issue: Reason No. 1 To Have Kids)


by Suzanne G. on March 2nd, 2005


© Stéphane Blanquet

Stéphane Blanquet has just announced the publication of Monographie Lacrymale - a 128-page-long bilingual French/English monography that offers the widest possible rank of S.B.'s artwork to date spanning his comics, paintings, movies, objects and illustrations.

Widely illustrated, it also carries a long interview along with some specialists' analysis and a foreword by Gaspar Noé.

Blanquet will speak about his monography and short movies on Saturday, 12th March 2005, 6 - 7:30 PM at the Hors Circuits bookstore in Paris.

During the Salon du Livre Paris, Blanquet will sign his Monographie Lacrymale on L'An 2 publishing house's stall (G38/H39) on Sunday, 20th March 2005, 3 PM.

Also, BLAB! (Fantagraphics) features a S.B. tribute to Hieronymus Bosch. I had a close look at it at my amazing local comic shop and I can highly recommend BLAB!'s 15th issue.



© NYT - click to enlarge

Spectacular news from the Tiger Lillies: They have started their eagerly-awaited Broadway run of Shockheaded Peter in New York City.

The band and original cast will be playing there until April 17, and then return to Europe for some dates in London at the Soho Theater (t.b.c.) and to prepare for the Little Match Seller, a production based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen that will open in the summer of 2005.

→ The Tiger Lillies complete live schedule
→ NYT's flamboyant critique of Shockheaded Peter



© Robert Craig - click to enlarge

La Luz de Jesus Gallery presents its 8th annual juried group exhibition, Everything But The Kitschen Sync.

La Luz de Jesus has invited commercial illustrators, tattooists, scenic painters, students, and animators to submit work of a more personal nature.

Complete list of artists



© Mike Maas - click to enlarge

Mike Maas showcases new works at Bluebottle Art Gallery in Seattle.

Artist reception is Saturday, March 5, 2005, 7 - 10 PM

Click here for more details



© Marc Quinn - click to enlarge

White Cube is presenting an exhibition of new works by British artist Marc Quinn. Quinn will present a body of work that explores our distanced relationship with our physical selves through the culturally constructed notion of the 'natural' and its hold on the contemporary psyche.

Yep. :)

→ Opening: Thursday 3rd March 2005, 6 - 8 PM at White Cube, 48 Hoxton Square, London

Sunday Times' preview of the exhibition



July 22nd, 1975 - January 25th, 2005

(Sweaty and Smitten - from Mer's beautiful
Pandora set)

Sometimes it's mysterious how deeply a stranger's death can affect you, just because they remind you of someone you have loved and lost too. But I do believe that there's a Pandora in everyone's life. And there once was a Pandora in my life too...

My thoughts are always with you these days, Mer and Angeliska - and I admire you, my little mermaids.

Mer, for turning the unspeakable sadness into words of true beauty and clarity, and you, Angeliska, for commemorating Pandora with the sweetly melancholy, timeless and heartbreaking eloquence of your artworks.

I hope that Pandora's death brings old friends closer together again.

I love you two for the way you loved her.



• Exquisite Male Prototype Du Jour:

Pale freckled rugger player from Hinckley, UK

And finally, a loud Hyvää päivää! to Dave Walsh who's 69° north, where the Sámi, reindeer and ice otters wooly snow bunnies live.