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Prima Luce

by Suzanne on July 30th, 2005

Well, hello there and welcome to my shiny new WordPress residence.

Some administrative issues before we start:

Blogger Import

I imported all my old Blogger posts to WordPress. I did reformat them - however, I'm not sure whether they all show up correctly. Please report any bugs you stumble upon.


While the Atom 0.3 feed seems to be working fine, both the RSS 2.0 and RSS .92 feeds fail to load. Again, if someone knows how to fix them, I'd really appreciate your help on this.

Header Link & Horizontal Navigation Menu

Okay.. this is a bit embarrassing, but I've really tried to get my header to link to the main index site. However, the bastard doesn't seem to do it. Please contact me if you know the solution.

Also, I'll need a nifty navigation menu just below the header (à la BlastMilk) with my beloved old eye cursor - could you maybe help me again with that, Jan?

Title Graphics

Me wants title graphics for my blog posts instead of text titles. Again, you'll find a sample of what I have in mind over at BlastMilk. I'd be very grateful if someone could tell me how to insert 'em.


I hope I can still count on Juju's brilliant, and Michelle's rare, but not less astounding posts.

However, if you feel Darwinistically fit enough to contribute to Thee Temple ov Psychick Blah and get censored and insulted by me please feel free to send me an email. Masochists only need apply.

Uhmm... and where's the rest of the website?

Don't worry, the old website features are still online. I'll try to give them an avantgardistic WordPress styling as soon as possible.

That's all for now.


Illustration © Mizna Wada

Zitternder Mondstrahl

by Suzanne G. on July 26th, 2005

© Suzanne - click to enlarge


I feel like redesigning my website, turn the blog into the main index site, and add all the other website sections to a navigation bar at either the side or the top of the blog.

I was thinking of something clean and simple like The Nonist or Addictive Hobby - but I'm not quite sure yet how to do this and whether I should install WordPress.

Please leave a comment or email me if you have other spiffy redesign ideas and/or could (and want to) help me with the c0d3z.

Knowing me, it will probably take 5 years or more to create only a blog banner I'm entirely happy with. So do take your time.




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#1 Lorenzo Petrantoni
#2 Leg Agency



Vanité & vérité

by Suzanne G. on July 4th, 2005

"Et le ciel regardait la carcasse superbe
Comme une fleur s'épanouir."

- Charles Baudelaire, Une Charogne


© Zaelia Bishop - click to enlarge

We here at Thee Temple ov Psychick Blah and Rusty Spoons & Kettles are very proud and flattered to present our first Ex Voto.

We received it this morning from our beloved and greatly admired Italian artist Zaelia Bishop.

Zaelia writes:

"It's an ex-voto, a Per Grazia Ricevuta (by the Grace of God), a sinister Italian catholic tradition - I think more pagan than catholic."

Thank you so much Zaelia! We'll bluetack it to our little Psychick Shrine ov D00m & Embalmed Bunnies.

© Zaelia Bishop - click to enlarge

Südwest sechs, Böen sieben.

by Suzanne G. on July 3rd, 2005

© Bryon Paul McCartney - feat. Steph & me
(click to enlarge)



augen nah

der mittag schläft
fiebriges sterben

die krallen
zuckend versenkt
in durstiger erde

niemandes land

(Aus: im traum heisst mein geliebter meer
von Katharina Lanfranconi)



The Pr0n Links have been updated.
As always, Corran - who recently moved his blog and joined the Flickr Brigade - made me do it. :)

My dear friend Rik is selling some of his jawdroppingly beautiful doll photographs, shirts et al.
Click here for more details.

Another Wurzeltod Veteran, Mr Robotbrain, the man we all love to hate so much hate to love so much, has finally moved his hairy Canadian ass from Winnipeg to Tokyo. Bastard!

Also, my brother has made four of his early short movies and docus available for free download on his website. :)

Oh, and a quick word to the gentle reader who came to this site looking for "the woman gives birth video forum":
I do hope that you found what you were looking for.
Please enjoy your stay. :)

According to my monthly stats, we also offered a lot of thrilling in-depth information on "the crocodile song schnipp schnapp", "albino mosquitos", "spanking machine paddles", "spanked by mother", "convent of the sacred beast", "klingon nude women", "anatomy beginners naked", "lipstick hardcore", "condoleezza rice boots", "folk version of panzerlied in german" and "the fall of communism as seen in gay porn".

Hats off to the connaisseurs who found this place looking for "milwaukee brace traction" and "spondylitis". You definitely have class.

N.B.: There won't be any more posts from me until the end of July - I'm leaving for Cambridge soon.

Byebye. :)



© David Stoupakis

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#1 Aooa
#2 Simon & Benson Noynay
#3 Fl@33



© Heidi Calvert

7 July 2005

Opening of Andrew Bell's Don't Look At Me at Kidrobot in NYC, USA.

7 - 17 July 2005

MUFF 2005 - Underground Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

8 - 9 July 2005

Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, UK.


Barbara Morgenstern + Robert Lippok, Chevron, Dälek, Merzbow vs Stephen O'Malley, Psychic TV, Rother + Moebius, Shitmat and many, many more...

14 - 17 July 2005

Comic-Con 2005 in San Diego, USA.

... ongoing...

The Gashlycrumb Tinies at the Edward Gorey House in Yarmouthport, MA, USA.

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A Photographic Retrospective by Heidi "Bluegirl" Calvert at Perihelion Art Gallery in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Lori Gil & Lyla Emery Reno at Optic Nerve Arts Gallery in Portland, USA.

Lee Bul at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Irving Penn: Platinum Prints at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., USA.

Kinderszenen – Child’s Play at the dreamy & gloomy Rohkunstbau Schloss, in Groß Leuthen/Spreewald, Germany.



Eryn - The bittersweet living-dead Flickr™ doll



Poppenhuis - The Doll House

(via Gerard)

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Issue II: Reon Kadena

WARNING: 92.78% NUDITY! Yay!

I | II | III | IV | V | VI

© Brigitte Niedermair (for Sleek Mag)

In other totally insignificant beauty & fashion news, Sleek Magazine presents us the ultimate accessoire of the Romanian top-avantgarde for the Spring/Summer 06 season:

Cows (...with matching veterinary gloves)




Today's topics:

How to make perfect tea

Why do women wear bras?

Molly Grows Up - Menstruation (Thanks, Hugo!)

How people's soup choices reflect their personality types

• The full name for Methionylalanylthreonyl...leucine, containing 64,060 letters

(Thanks, Gerard!)