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Brown | Ryden | Earley

by Suzanne on April 28th, 2007

Yes! Finally some good news for Swiss BabyArt® lovers: My friend Trevor Brown's wee little Rubber Doll exhibition opens tonight at Büro Discount in Zurich.

Sadly, Mr TB won't be present, but I'll do my very best to do a credible impression of him. I swear you won't even notice a difference.

His works will be on view until 3 June 2007. Even though it's going to be a rather small exhibition with only a handful of paintings, you should all definitely come along, as this is a very rare opportunity to see TB's original oeuvre outside Godzillaland. Voilà:

Rubber Doll

© Trevor Brown - click for details

Where: Büro Discount, Zurich, CH.
When: 28 April - 3 June 2007 | Vernissage: 28 April, 7 PM onwards

Additional information | Artist’s website | Flyer

To inhabitants of the New World: Mark Ryden's Tree Show marks its finissage tonight, so this is your very last chance to go see it:

The Tree Show

The Apology by Mark Ryden - click for details

Where: Michael Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
When: until 28 April 2007

Additional information | Artist's website | Juxtapoz photos

However, if you're more into grandiose vernissages than gloomy finissages, may I recommend you attend Lori Earley's opening for

Anima Sola

Drained by Lori Earley - click for details

Where: Opera Gallery, New York, USA.
When: 28 April - 19 May 2007 | Opening reception: 28 April, 6-9 PM

Additional information | Artist’s website | Juxtapoz interview

Eingebrannte Erinnerung

by Suzanne on April 26th, 2007

Wing by Robert Gligorov - click for details

Suddenly I saw the cold and rook-delighting Heaven
That seemed as though ice burned and was but the more ice,
And thereupon imagination and heart were driven
So wild that every casual thought of that and this
Vanished, and left but memories, that should be out of season
With the hot blood of youth, of love crossed long ago;
And I took all the blame out of all sense and reason,
Until I cried and trembled and rocked to and fro,
Riddled with light. Ah! when the ghost begins to quicken,
Confusion of the death-bed over, is it sent
Out naked on the roads, as the books say, and stricken
By the injustice of the skies for punishment?

(The Cold Heaven by W.B. Yeats from Responsibilities and Other Poems, 1916)

Where's the newspaper/blog coverage on the Chernobyl catastrophe this year? Is the anniversary of a devastating nuclear accident only newsworthy when it's a shiny round birthday, like 20 years of radiation and contamination for Chernobyl last year?

Sometimes I feel very, very alone out here. *echoooo-oooo-oooooh!

Please take a few minutes of your time today to remember...

Nuclear Nightmares

Radiating Places - A Requiem of a Special Kind

Chernobyl Legacy

Pripyat and the 30K Zone

ForteanTimes: Chernobyl’s Zone of Alienation

• BBC's In Depth on Chernobyl 2006

• BBC's Chernobyl - The Accident

• BBC's Chernobyl Diary I, II

• BBC's Chernobyl Image Gallery I, II, III, IV, V

• National Geographic's Photo Gallery: Chernobyl, 20 Years After the Disaster

• NPR's Voices of Chernobyl - Survivors' Stories

• Telepolis: Radioaktive Verseuchung um Tschernobyl heute gefährlicher als 1986

• Thee Forum on the Chernobyl controversies

O Rose...

by Suzanne on April 16th, 2007

Kaetii - Portrait II by Christopher Lee Donovan - click for details

O Rose, thou art sick!
The Invisible worm,
That flies in the night,
In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed
Of Crimson joy;
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

(The Sick Rose by William Blake)


In case any of you wondered why I haven't updated this blog as often as I used to, the explanation is a rather depressing one for me: About a month ago, when I had an ultrasound examination of my eyes done, my optometrist noticed a progressed incurable deformation of my optic nerves in both eyes. He had no clue where that came from - as such things normally happen after accidents, birth defects or brain tumours - so it was all pretty confusing for both him and me. However, I'm in good hands now and I got new nerd glasses prescribed. Yay! I'll have to be monitored regularly from now on though to make sure that it doesn't get any worse since any further deformation could possibly be dangerous.

It's not that I didn't notice that there was something seriously wrong with my eyes, but I hadn't really expected something quite so dramatic. Anyway, at least this finally explains why I've constantly had red eyes, headaches, concentration difficulties, a rather short attention span and visions (yup!) in the past few years. And I guess it also explains why I always see a giant angry Hello Kitty® fighting against Godzilla whenever I look at toasted bread. It's just my optic nerves sending confusing messages to my brain. o_O

On a happier note, I got a chance to meet and (quickly) interview the amazing Peter Blegvad at Fumetto 07 and I want to take ballet lessons again - for purely masochistic reasons this time. Uhmm.. I dunno what that has got to do with Blegvad, but anyway...

And in other news, the congenial Jim Woodring makes me feel terribly guilty for using my Moleskine® as a profane notepad. *sighs


Red Ribbon (detail) by David Stoupakis - click for details

Chris Ryniak | Christopher Lee Donovan | Daniel Martin Diaz | David Stoupakis (finally!) | Diana Bezanski | Elisa Lazo De Valdez | Jason D'Aquino | Keegan Wenkman | Lens Culture | Lizz Lopez | Matthew Woodson | Ruby Mag #17 | Scott Radke

The Candylicious Portfolio ov Thee Day award goes to: Pop Machine, I Love You

The Nerd Site ov Thee Day award goes to: Susan Kare's User Interface Graphics


Young Lord Oliver by Marion Peck - click for details

Marion Peck's Soft Paintings for Gentle People at Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City, USA.

→ Opened: 14 April 2007 | Closes: 19 May 2007 | Additional information | Artist's website | Opening reception photos

© Bernd Preiml - click for details

Bernd Preiml's Buabnsunn at Artbits Galerie in Wien, AT.

→ Opens: 20 April 2007, 7 PM onwards | Closes: 9 June 2007 | Additional information | Artist's blog

Also: If you happen to be in London before April 29th, make sure to visit the stunning Hogarth exhibition at Tate Britain. I found it profoundly educational and deeply humorous.


Andrew Brandou studio visit (by Juxtapoz)

Diane Arbus audio interview (by Almanac Magazine)

Espira interview (by The Extra Finger)

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck interview (by BBC Collective)

Junko Mizuno YouTube interview (by BBC Choice)

Marcel Dzama interview (by KultureFlash)

Peter Blegvad interview (by Meeeeeeee! for FumettoBlog®)

Wayne Belger interview (by Alarm Press)

Urbi et Orbi - Salvator noster natus est in mundo

by Suzanne on April 8th, 2007

Well done, kiddo! (via VintagePhoto)

Es läuft der Frühlingswind
Durch kahle Alleen,
Seltsame Dinge sind
In seinem Wehn.

Er hat sich gewiegt,
Wo Weinen war,
Und hat sich geschmiegt
In zerrüttetes Haar.

Er schüttelte nieder
Und kühlte die Glieder,
Die atmend glühten.

Lippen im Lachen
Hat er berührt,
Die weichen und wachen
Fluren durchspürt.

Er glitt durch die Flöte
Als schluchzender Schrei,
An dämmernder Röte
Flog er vorbei.

Er flog mit Schweigen
Durch flüsternde Zimmer
Und löschte im Neigen
Der Ampel Schimmer.

Es läuft der Frühlingswind
Durch kahle Alleen,
Seltsame Dinge sind
In seinem Wehn.

Durch die glatten
Kahlen Alleen
Treibt sein Wehn
Blasse Schatten.

Und den Duft,
Den er gebracht,
Von wo er gekommen
Seit gestern Nacht.

(Vorfrühling von Hugo von Hofmannsthal)


© Masaru Shichinohe - click to enlarge

Big Bunny

"Hello Tender Nibbles!" (by Amy Winfrey)

Angry Alien Productions

Home of the infamous 30-Second Bunnies Theatre. (by Jennifer Shiman)


"When a boy and girl find an idol in the stomach of a rabbit, great riches follow, but for how long?" (by Run Wrake)

Lynch's Rabbits

"In a nameless city, deluged by a continuous rain, three rabbits live with a fearful mystery." (by David Lynch)

Bunny Hunt IV

The Good Friday Massacre (by The Man in Blue)

Meladori Magpie

A website about zombie rabbits... (by Janice Garingo)

Bunny Suicides

An Easter classic... (by Andy Riley)

The Essence of Rabbit

A perfect bunny mandala (by Pictoplasma)

Laurie Hogin's Bunnies

Fluffy vampire bunnehs for all the family... (by Laurie Hogin)

Giant Pink Bunny

"Knitted by dozens of grannies out of pink wool..." (by Ananova)

Coniglio Hat

"When the ears are pointed UP, music turns OFF; manifesting the user's attentiveness and availability to communicate." (by Tal Drori)

Faberge treasures

A collection of Faberge gems. (by BBC)

Eggs Gone Wild

A glorious collection of vintage Easter greeting cards. (by DarkVictoria)

Scary Children Easter

A rather unsettling collection of vintage Easter photographs. (by VintagePhoto)


The best (Easter) bunny blog out there. (by I dunno)

Make sure to check back the WurzelBlog® Easter Greetings 2006: Loads of adorable pictures of Easter wabbits and lambs over there.

Oh, and btw: Miffy is a Klansman! o_O

Happy Easter everyone!