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Strange News From Another Star

by Suzanne on August 26th, 2007

(via Dark Victoria)

Please excuse my long web absence. It was/is mainly caused by two incidents:

i) Long working hours due to the preparations for the Rachel Khedoori opening reception at H&W Zurich.

ii) An adorable humanoid male entity I fell in love with, who forms the other half of my Aristophanian globular sphere, who changed my sleeping habits to those of Elias Alder and who's responsible for the medical phenomenon that my body started growing again. 2cms in 2 weeks. o_O

Oh, and he makes things. With his clever hands. Out of brass, wood, glass, leather, silicone, glue and.. well, steam. Ingenious inventions that inventors of bygone days forgot to invent because they were too busy inventing other inventions. Ermm.. anyway.. I think you should see for yourself:

Necropathic Spectregraph © Alex CF

Available from eBay UK until Aug 29

The Inquisitor #2 © Alex CF
Available from eBay UK until Sep 2


GasMask - only one of an impressive series of unusual ties crafted by Bethany Shorb

Ada Lovelace - Thank you for gracing my desktop, you sexy geek!

Alexander Pichushkin - Hmm.. doesn't every woman have a soft spot for mass-murdering chess players in plaid shirts?!

• Annika from Neurotitan Berlin - Quite possibly the cutest creature I've ever met and the only girl I've ever seen vanishing in a SBB suitcase locker. It was a pleasure meeting you, Annika.

Bethany Shorb from Cyberoptix Tie Lab - Beth creates the greatest ties known to mankind and made my brother look 230% more handsome in no time. Chapeau!

Chic blood clot - Subject line of a spam email I received today. Great name for a fashion brand for haemophiliacs (that I'll launch sometime in the future).

Giant Cosmic Nihil - Echoooo-oooo-ooooh!

Giant Rubber Duckie - *sings Alan Moore's "March of the Sinister Ducks".

Isabelle Huppert - Probably the only living actress who dies convincingly and constantly seems to be aware of her own mortality. I adore her for this emotional intensity, for moments like her slow and painful death from arsenic poisoning in Madame Bovary.

Katie - My neighbour's crazy white fox terrier that looks precisely like Milou. My newest furry friend. Huzzah!

Meredith Yayanos - Mer's sheer existence on this planet makes me unspeakably happy.

Northern Hairynosed Wombat - My alter ego. It knows things.

Patrick Müller from Silent Cooking on 3sat - c.f. Alexander Pichushkin and replace "chess players" with "cooks" and "plaid shirts" with "aprons".

Radioactive Boy Scout - Awww! Cute!

Taxidermia Wurzeltodensis

by Suzanne on August 6th, 2007

Hopeless Romantic by Colette Calascione, oil on wood, 10" x 15", 1996

'Story has it, a boy came face-to-face with that animal.... right here. Right where we’re standing now.

Over the years it carried on like this - thieving different parts of people like it wanted to be a person.

Until it looked just like you or me, on the outside. But the only human part it never got was the ---'

(From: The Cat With Hands by Robert Morgan)

Without further ado, here it finally is: The often-promised and long-awaited Taxidermy, Cryptozoology & Animal Curiosa Ãœberpost - dedicated to a very precious and talented friend of mine: The lovely Jessica Joslin. Thank you for creating an outstanding oeuvre that keeps inspiring us!

If you're a taxidermist, cryptozoologist or curiosa photographer/multimedia artist, please feel free to leave a comment so that I can complete this comprehensive taxidermy link collection (and seize world dominance). Thank you.

P.S: Don't miss this nifty slideshow with all the artworks featured below. Enjoy!

Phew. My work here is done. I guess I can could retire from blogging now...

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