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James Jean Signing

by Suzanne on November 29th, 2007

Among the Dolls by James Jean

A quick reminder to art lovers living/staying near Alhambra, CA:

Don't miss James Jean's one-night-only signing for Process Recess 2 at Nucleus Gallery tonight (7:00PM - 10:00PM).

Books as well as limited edition prints will be available in store.

Go go go!


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Victor Castillo's Explicit Lyrics

by Suzanne on November 19th, 2007

Supplica a Mia Madre, 2007, by Victor Castillo - click to enlarge

Victor Castillo is a young Chilean artist whose oeuvre reinterprets pop culture icons in a satirical, grotesque and often blatantly cruel way.

His playful yet critical resistance to be mesmerised by the ever increasing Bilderflut and his opposition against its commercial messages puts him in the tradition of artists like Brian Taylor (a.k.a. CandyKiller), M.S. Bastian, Ben Frost (website currently down) or even Ronald Kurniawan - to name a few.

But let's hear the artist himself:

[...] The work of Victor Castillo strikes like a swift blow to the stomach and stirs the innards of a popular iconography fed by comics, illustration and television. His drawing produce slogans on daily consumption and monstrous beings enslaved to flesh and money. This production, consumption and digestion of statements reveal the violence of everyday life and denounce the universality of rationality incarnated by diabolical figures of animals or humans.

(Excerpt from Victor Castillo on Victor Castillo)

© Victor Castillo - click to enlarge

His new series for the Explicit Lyrics show in Barcelona reminds me a lot of Jake & Dinos Chapman's Insult to Injury series for which they altered (or, in their own words, "improved") a set of Goya's original Los Desastres de la Guerra etchings.

Anyway.. don't miss Victor's current show at Iguapop Gallery if you happen to be in beautiful Barcelona by November 24, 2007.

I put a spell on you, 2007, by Victor Castillo - click to enlarge

The Art of Travis A. Louie

by Suzanne on November 18th, 2007

Monty's Day of the Dead by Travis Louie

Still mourning the sudden death of the great ArtDorks forum and its fascinating crew of inspiring and talented members, I'm overjoyed to let you know that one of its most outstanding contributors, Travis A. Louie, finally has his own domain to worthily represent his creepy anachronistic art.

I guess I'll never be quite sure whether it's the precision of his style or the fact that - similar to Victorian studio portrait photographs - most of his otherworldly creatures confront the viewer so inescapably directly that gives the alternate realities Travis creates a totally justified existence somewhere in the past or future of transhumanist history.

At any rate.. I, for one, wouldn't be surprised whatsoever to bump into one of his oddlings during my Sunday walk along Lake Lucerne.

Karl the Humanzee (left) and The Vamp circa 1873 (right) by Travis Louie

November Exhibitions

by Suzanne on November 4th, 2007

It's getting cold outside. The perfect time to join the crowds of homeless people and/or students who haven't paid their electricity and heating bills and make yourself at home in one of these warm and illuminated galleries:

Heather Nevay: Showtime

In the Long Grass by Heather Nevay

Who: Heather Nevay

Where: Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

When: On view till November 6, 2007

Why: Because you'll get to see all new works by Heather!

Ryan Heshka, Brian Despain & Scott Musgrove

Albino Walktopus by Scott Musgrove

Who: Ryan Heshka, Brian Despain & Scott Musgrove

Where: Roq La Rue, Seattle WA

When: Opening November 9, 2007

Why: Because even my armadillo likes Musgrove.

Christy Langer: Suspended Animation

Six Points by Christy Langer

Who: Christy Langer

Where: Katharine Mulherin Contemporary , Toronto, Canada

When: On view till November 24, 2007

Why: Because white resin is the new black.

Judy Fox: Snow White and the Seven Sins

From the Snow White and the Seven Sins series by Judy Fox

Who: Judy Fox

Where: P·P·O·W, New York NY

When: On view till November 24, 2007

Why: Because her new sculptures look like Hans Bellmer's and Jim Woodring's mutant offspring. Awwww!