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Venit, vidit, destruxit...

Posted in Interna, Taxidermy & Grotesk by Suzanne G. on November 12th, 2004 | BBC Wikipedia

Yep, it's a virus.

This time it attacked the network settings and destroyed all communication between my ethernet adapter and router. Hurrah!

Support won't be here until the end of November, so I guess I will die of Offlinitis - slowly, painfully and all alone...

Ah, well, I guess things could always be worse...

Thee Forum ov Psychick Blah, Flickr and my worklog won't be updated during the following weeks.

Please also allow me several days to reply to your emails - I'm not in a position to check my emails daily.

Oh, and please don't spam my ICQ and Yahoo! instant message boxes during my absence - for marriage proposals emotional emergencies please send your text message to 0041 76 400 17 34. Or just listen to the sweet and calming voice of Speegle...

Thank you for your patience. Now have a siamese twin skeleton:


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