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Ray Caesar et al. at Jonathan LeVine's Anniversary Show

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Arabesque by Ray Caesar, 2009

March seems to be the month for anniversary shows.

In Berlin, Strychnin just celebrated the 7 Year Itch, in Santa Monica, Hi-Fructose Magazine is currently holding celebrations for its 5th birthday (more later) and in New York, Jonathan LeVine who started out in Philly with Tin Man Alley, celebrates 5 years of hard slave work for the lowbrow / pop-surrealist / neo-fantastic / eye-candy / super-flat / christ-i-don't-know-what-to-call-it-anymore art.

The line-up is impressive and eclectic, to say the least. From urban art luminaries such as Blek Le Rat, Shepard Fairey, Calma and Invader over to sculpture and assemblage art represented by Adam Wallacavage and AJ Fosik on to the "classics" of christ-i-don't-know-what-to-call-it-anymore art like Ray Caesar, Ron English, Xiaoqing Ding, Scott Musgrove, Dave Cooper, Gary Baseman, Esao Andrews, Isabel Samaras, James Jean and further on to the phantasmagoric horrorscapes of Chris Mars and the subculture photo-realism of Dan Witz.

So yes, there's something for everyone!

... and hopefully, CAEK! (^_^)

Returns of the Day by Ray Caesar, 2009

On show: February 27 - March 27, 2010

Address: Jonathan LeVine Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10011, USA, tel: 212-243-3822 | Map

Gallery hours: Tue - Sat: 11 AM - 6 PM

Featured artists (selection): Adam Wallacavage, AJ Fosik, Andrew Brandou, Andy Kehoe, Chris Mars, Dan Witz, Dave Cooper, Eric White, Erik Mark Sandberg, Esao Andrews, Gary Baseman, Isabel Samaras, James Jean, Miss Van, Ray Caesar, Ron English, Scott Musgrove, Stephan Doitschinoff (aka Calma), Xiaoqing Ding

Preview & opening photos

... and in totally unrelated news, I'm relieved and happy to say that I finally found the perfect male homo sapiens sapiens: Voilà! Sexeh!

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