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A is for apple anatomy

Posted in Eyecandy, Moving Images by Juju on January 24th, 2005 | BBC Wikipedia

Channel 4 (UK) continues their quest to enlighten with...

Anatomy For Beginners

Gunther von Hagens will be dissecting real human corpses in front of a live studio audience (again!)... as if to make the point that he isn’t really just a slightly scary bloke with a love of dead bodies and the media, von Hagens will also use live naked models, photos and corpses preserved by plastination to make his point. So some gratuitous nudity as well...

Plans are also afoot for

Dust to Dust
breaking another television taboo by conducting a detailed examination of human decomposition.

The doctors and nurses ov doom are impatient!

Historical perspectives
Dream Anatomy
Historical Anatomies

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