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Of cubes and imps

Posted in Curiosa & Forteana, Design by Juju on February 11th, 2005 | BBC Wikipedia

In a white room, ten cubes made of yellowish gelatine lay symmetrically on the floor. Each contain a voice coil from which audio-signals - spoken numbers from one to ten - are emitted. From outside the room, come "atmospheric" sounds and voices from a psychiatric ward.

Sounds interesting to me, it was at transmediale 05

Continuing on the sound production theme here's an interesting approach to a drum machine.

Whispering imps on magic posters, mmm that's right up my street that is - here's a rather intriguing history of the devilish little blighters.

Miss Tod's recent injury sparked a recollection of X-Rays and how much I enjoy them. Perhaps you do to? Some links to pursue.


Finally a cola advert that denigrates the church, at last I hear you all cry. My German may not be up to the task quite yet but some of you might even follow the message.

Oh and a little side rant about RFID tags... and so it begins...

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