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Bright Things and Broken Toys

Posted in Beaux Arts, Comics & Manga, Design, Interviews, Moving Images by Michelle on February 3rd, 2005 | BBC Wikipedia

left to right: "Bunny Experiences Morbid Introspection", "Bunny's Airship", & "Bunny Watches The Invasion From The Window"
© Valery Milovic

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(yaaaaaay for squid-things!)


Making Fiends is back once again with a heartwarming Valentine's Day episode! Watch it with your best-loved squid human for that extra-special glowy feeling.


The Comics Interpreter needs your support! This zine is currently threatening to go under, but for a mere $12 you can purchase the latest three issues, including interviews with James Jean, Paul Pope, Hans Rickheit, and Kozyndan. Nailbunny says: GOOD DEAL.

Meanwhile, Kenichi Hoshine, talented Meathaus contributor and James Jean's collaborator on the gorgeous webcomic A Polite Winter, has recently launched his personal site at kenichihoshine.com.

And Shoichi Aoki of Fruits fame is back with another installment of epilepsy-inducing Japanese street fashion in the upcoming Fresh Fruits, a new volume of photos selected from the pages of
FRUiTS magazine. Happy spazzing!

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