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Bunnies & Stags...

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(click on images to enlarge)

© Bryon Paul McCartney
Models: Steph & yours truly
Make-up: VisageJolie
Corsets: Atelier Entre Nous


- I -

David LaChapelle's retrospective of photographs and installations - entitled Artists and Prostitutes (1985 - 2005) - can be seen at Deitch Projects, 18 Wooster Street, NYC, until April 16, 2005.

Oh, and thank you ever so much for hooking me up on this rather... err.. bizarre LaChapelle video, Miss ShanMonster. ;)

- II -

Folks living in Paris should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES miss the Space Invader - Rubik Space exhibition at Patricia Dorfmann Gallery.

Invader will be signing a new publication at the opening tonight, March 24, 2005, 6 - 9 PM.

- III -

Last Friday, Entropy8Zuper celebrated their 10th year online with strippers, caviar & step dancing circus bears stimulating conversations and yet another fresh website design.

Meanwhile, both Android8 and Rebel8 have secretly updated their adorable websites / product lines too.

- IV -

Wooster Collective has revealed exclusive images of Banksy hitting New York's most famous museums. Yay!



Un Lapin

Bunny Suicides

Touch My Bunny exhibition

Chocolate Eggs in Genuine Eggshells

• Hurrah! It's Happy Crucifixion season again! :)

Chip Simons' Easter Bunny series (I | II | III)

Chris Ryniak's fluffy contribution to Easter 2k+5 (I | II)

... and never forget that while the bunnies get all our attention these days, there's thousands of alcoholic, legless orphan squirrel babies out there. They need our credit cards love too!

(Click here for the gruesome details - via Grow-a-brain)



I realized the other day that I'll never be able to lead a happy and fulfilled life unless someone buys me Buck the Stag Animated Trophy. Yup. Now!

"Buck [...] works via remote control and wireless microphone. As well as singing, Buck can talk too – just speak into the mike, and your words will come out of his mouth. As he speaks Buck's mouth, head and ears all move in a scarily lifelike fashion [...]

You don't need to be in the same room as Buck to make him talk, which creates great potential for pranks. Why not set him up in your hallway or an office reception to greet visitors? [...]

Buck also features a motion sensor, and can spontaneously start singing when someone moves towards him – guaranteed to make guests jump out of their skin."




Dear Londoners, please don't miss The Knights of Awesome Power event tomorrow, March 25, 2005, at SeOne.

In other news, the ever amazing Drawn! blog has just announced that Seonna Hong and Tim Biskup have joined forces to create a clothing line called Gama-Go, with limited run shirts, toys, and accessories.

And finally, I'm glad to announce that Freyagushi is back online and ready to take orders for her adorable Hello Kitty corsets, Evil Nurse skirts and other weird fashion items.



Just in case you haven't noticed already, Thee Forum ov Psychick Blah is back online and running on the latest phpBB version (2.0.13).

You may have to reactivate some of your thread subscriptions though.

I'll leave for Lucerne (a.k.a. Fluffy 56k Land) today and I'll be away the entire next week. There's about 150 unanswered emails in my inbox from the last three days only. o_O

I'm sorry but I won't get a chance to reply to them until I'm back home.

Thank you kindly for your patience.

See you all in April! :)

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