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Brutality and you

Posted in Beaux Arts, Curiosa & Forteana, Design, Interna by Juju on March 11th, 2005 | BBC Wikipedia

I was looking for brutality... and I found it...

© Ramon Ramirez @ Abnormis
Sorry Michelle poached their link from you

Dark Souls and Fear of Death brought to life by Gus Fink... he has Creeplings too... I love that word "Creeplings"... I'm adopting it

I wonder if any of you are as curious as I on the subject of Rorschach Tests and after that serious study a little mirth

"The dark brooding colors remind me of my childhood murder-spree" oh but they do they really do!!!

"Why should your cannon be used to blast Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's cremated remains into the sky?"

Taxidermical Advice Please

I've currently got a barn owl in my freezer, dead you understand and dead before I found it I hasten to add. I've done the responsible notify the appropriate people bit and found out some history etc - which was interesting in itself but now I'd like to have the little angel stuffed or taxi'd as my friend nicely put it. Anyone got any idea how much this should cost me, or is the answer how much do you want to pay?

Thank you all kindly in advance, the thanks of course obligates someone somewhere to answer my plea.

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