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Biology, fakes and short films

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Sable & Shuck is the oldest Futures Trading Company in the world, providing a range of opulent commodities at an ultimate fixed-price that has remained unchanged since our company's inception.

The specific commodities that we procure include luxury goods and services from the following sectors: FMCG, Leisure, Automotive, Aeronautic, Supernatural and Textile.

All commodities are expressly intended for the individual with whom
a contract is entered into. Once a soul is traded, it is wholly
Sable & Shuck

En el interior del cuerpo humano
Reopening old wounds... a return to biological visual delights (yes yes I know I'm obsessed)

Whilst depriving myself of sleep and much needed circulation to my legs last weekend at Dead By Dawn I had an epiphany or perhaps it was just some sort of reaction to the abuse I was subjecting myself to. The long and short of it was that I should try and find some of the short films online to share... so here's the first two.

Duck Children - Sam Walker and the rest from Arm and Eye films
Monsters - Rob Morgan, I actually much preferred his animations but sadly I couldn't locate any of them online - but I am tempted to buy his DVD

Anyone been to see Kutlug Ataman's Kuba? It looks pretty interesting to me but there is no way I can manage to go :(

Love taxidermy but squeamish about the squishy bits? The solution is here!

This weekend I will be mostly found at Dark City, where there will be some good things, some bad things and the usual assortment of over indulgences ;)

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