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Gimme gimme gimme some Russian Roulette

Posted in Audio, Eyecandy, Moving Images by Juju on May 17th, 2005 | BBC Wikipedia

How to make your own hooves This is oh so wrong on so so many levels...

Jon Haddock has some nice work

Isometric takes on factual and fictional event

Cartoon Violence stuck out particularly for me.

Lenin or not?

More abandoned things not got a clue where they are this time though

The Internationale 1.0


Retro image resource

Chronicles of Narnia trailer, it looks wonderfully fake in a good way. Please note I can be bought for Turkish delight, oh yes I will happily side with evil for a few chunks of the pistachio variety.

Voodoo Voodubh doll installation "The player can control Steve with a real Voodoo Doll and insert the pin into the doll to witness the effect on the screen." Oh that sounds like fun...

Three flash oddities

Virtual Potato Peeler
Russian Roulette
Send Children To Their Doom!

Last night of my local dark ambient and experimental music club, Finsternis, on Friday (20th) - shame that. Going out on a high note though with a performance by Bad Sector.

Still I'll just have to remember Jesus Saves!

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