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Eine Brust hat Milch geweint

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(Mrs H. M. Wurzeltod - ca. anno 1953)

It's Mother's Day this Sunday and worldwide long-term scientific evaluations have revealed that I have the best mum in this planetary system. Yay.

Here are some special links for you to enjoy, my dear Frau Wurzeltod:

Everybody Has Needs

Treat Your Mother Right

I <3 you.



6 May 2005

- I -

Join the Illicit Family on 6 May 2005, 8 PM onwards to see original and previously unseen artwork by the Late Great Martin F. Emond at the Cross Street Orphanage Gallery, Basement Illicit H.Q. in Auckland.

More details
View flyer

- II -

6 May 2005 marks also the opening reception for Joshua Petker's show at the Perihelion Arts Gallery & Bookstore in downtown Phoenix, AZ.

(via ArtDorks)

7 May 2005

- I -

The adorable Kelly from Little Paper Planes invites you all to celebrate the opening reception of her first solo show entitled A House But Not A Home together with her on 7 May 2005 at Pr1mary Space Gallery in Detroit.

- II -

Julie West's show Future Perfect opens this Saturday, 7 May 2005, 7 - 10 PM at the Bluebottle Art Gallery & Store in Seattle.

More details
Preview the show

- III -

On Saturday, 7 May 2005, The Shooting Gallery will be presenting The Day In The Life Of A Painting - a live painting event by 15 of San Francisco's most talented & up-coming artists.

Each artist will be at the gallery from 11 AM - 11 PM, working on their own painting for 12 hours.

N.B.: This is a one day event!

→ Participating artists:

Shawn Barber | Brian Barneclo | Wesley Burt | Kim Cogan | Coro | Curve | Eric Joyner | David Choong Lee | Sharon Leong | Anne Faith Nicholls | Lee Harvey Roswell | KRK Ryden | Andrea Tucker | Adam 5100

- IV -

Derrick Hodgson & Andrew Pommier's The Parallel Campaign exhibit opens this Saturday at The Lab 101 in LA.

→ Please click here to find more openings on 6 / 7 May 2005.

In other happy art news, Kate Sutton, Linn Kristin Olofsdotter Rehman Costa (Jesus! A simple LKORC would be a much easier name to remember) and Sons of Stolen update! Weeeeeeee!



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Off to Lucerne to buy new nerdy teacher's glasses and see Wiglaf Droste, Shen Shaomin and my adorable mum. :)

Don't expect me to be back before next Monday.

In the meantime, you might want to check out my new Roman Pr0n sculpture photographs from the Antikenmuseum Basel:

You might also like to hear that I've finally found a solution to my most existential problem.
Thank you, interweb.

La la...

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