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Do Nerds Dream of Polished Gynoids?

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Gynoid/Skull Session I by Hajime Sorayama - click to enlarge

Ah, the ultimate nerd exhibition... nerdibition... hails from ze future!

2011 will be the year Hajime Sorayama finally gets his well-deserved retrospective looking back at an artistic career spanning over four decades.

There will be signature works from Sorayama's four main genres of artistic endeavour: Pin-ups, Myth & Fantasy, Robots & Gynoids, Erotic & Fetish.

Despite not being the biggest fan of the former two, I've been following and admiring Sorayama's contribution to the latter from a very early... probably too early... age and it is my great hope that this exhibition will become a travelling show for us robot deprived Europeans to get to see it too.

Gynoid by Hajime Sorayama - click to enlarge

Gering & López are pretty slow at releasing information and there are no precise exhibition dates up yet so I assume it's best you put yourself on their mailing list if you don't want to miss the reception.

On show: Jan - Feb, 2011

Address: Gering & López Gallery, 730 Fifth Avenue, between 56th and 57th Streets, New York, NY 10019, tel: 646 336 7183

Gallery hours: Tue - Sat: 10 AM - 6 PM

Artist's website | Sorayama books

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