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London's Grant Museum Re-opens!

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The Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL by Matt Clayton - via Wired - click to enlarge

One of my favourite places in this rotten city and the only remaining university zoological museum in London, Robert Edmond Grant's Grant Museum will finally, finally re-open its doors after a 8-month relocation and reorganising process. Saying that I'm excited is a massive understatement.

Founded in 1828, the museum now contains 68,000 specimens - skeletal remains, taxidermied and formaldehyde-preserved creatures.

I myself am the proud adoptive parent of a Blaschka glass octopus thanks to the museum's amazing sponsorship scheme that lets you adopt a specimen.

The Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL by Matt Clayton - via Wired - click to enlarge

The museum will re-open in a former Edwardian library on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 from 1 - 8 PM at the following location:

Grant Museum of Zoology
Rockefeller Building
University College London
21 University Street
London WC1E 6DE
Tel: 020 3108 2052
Email: zoology.museum@ucl.ac.uk
UCL on Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr

Admission is free and since it's open until 8 PM you have no excuse to miss this - particularly if you've never been to the Grant at its old location.

And if this all wasn't great news enough, the remains of a dodo have been found while moving into the new home.

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