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Polly Morgan at Workshop Arte Contemporanea, Venice, Italy

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Systemic Inflammation by Polly Morgan, taxidermy canaries, steel, leather, 2010 - click to enlarge

In the past year or so, Polly Morgan has shown a great degree of innovation and adaptation in a genre that doesn't always bring out the best in people (and animals!), see Etsy and eBay.

Despite my criticism of her work in earlier years, I have to admit there are only a few taxidermy artists who have managed to successfully and aesthetically merge the sculptural (Black/Blue Fever, below) with the decorative (Systemic Inflammation, top, and Departures) with the humorous (Receiver), with the bittersweet (To Every Seed, bottom, and Vestige) with the... uhmm... well... stuffed.

Black Fever (left) and Blue Fever (right) by Polly Morgan, taxidermy crow/pigeon wings, wood, wire, 2010 - click to enlarge

Maybe releasing editioned Still Birth taxidermy sculptures was not the brightest thing to do and will definitely infuriate many, but all I can say is that I've been following her work over the years and went to many of her exhibitions and she really did learn how to enchant, amaze and startle (admittedly without reinventing the wheel) and I have hardly seen works of a more olfactory pleasing manner. Seriously.

Her Psychopomps show at Haunch of Venison made that clear even to the haters, I believe.

Besides, her etching of Blue Fever is just glorious and for an edition of 50 actually cheaper than lots of shit street art prints in this city. Just sayin'.

So maybe I'm getting mellow, but I'm putting the hate aside for once.

Just for once.

To Every Seed His Own Body (right) by Polly Morgan, 2006 - click to enlarge

AAAAANYWAAAAAYS, Polly is currently showing new works at Workshop in Venice, Italy - not really at the Biennale, but I guess the timing is pretty obvious. All details below.

On show: Jun 3 - Jul 22, 2011

Address: Workshop Arte Contemporanea, Dorsoduro, 2793/A, 30123 Venice, Italy, tel: +39 041 099 0156, email: info@workshopvenice.com | Map

Press release

Artist's website

Polly Morgan's monograph

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