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Constructivist Russian Movie Posters at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York

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The Death Loop movie poster by Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1928 - click to enlarge

A brief announcement for a fantastic - but sadly not that well publicised - exhibition at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York that's going to close this Friday.

The title Revolutionary Film Posters - Aesthetic Experiments of Russian Constructivism, 1920-33 pretty much gives away its purpose and content so there really isn't that much to add other than that you'll get to see a shitload of works by the amazing Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, Alexander Rodchenko and many other Russian iconoclasts.

In addition, graphic interpretations of Sergei Eisenstein’s groundbreaking movies “Battleship Potemkin” (1925) and “October” (1927/28) are shown alongside the restored footage of the original films.

Arsenal movie poster by Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1929 - click to enlarge

The press release states:

"Culled from the world’s largest collection of Russian Film Posters from the great era of Constructivism, the 95 examples of the medium on view represent a unique opportunity to survey how one of the most significant movements in the early 20th Century avant-garde informed a radical graphic style that has had a dramatic influence on the development of fine art and design over many subsequent generations. [...]

Outrageous color schemes, a frenetic depiction of line, vertiginous compositions, abstracted iconography, stark silhouetting and dynamic geometric designs combined with highly innovative use of collage and photomontage give these images an undeniable gravity and outré wonder that will appeal to aficionados of film and the Russian avant-garde, captivate those who are less familiar with this history, and inform contemporary designers and artists alike."

Venue details below. Thanks, Adrian Curry!

Countess Shirvanskaya's Crime movie poster by Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1926 - click to enlarge

On show: May 6 - Jul 29, 2011

Address: Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 544 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001, USA, tel: 212-274-9300, email: info@tonyshafrazigallery.com

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 10 AM - 6 PM

Press release | Works on display | Impressions

Book suggestion: Stenberg Brothers: Constructing a Revolution in Soviet Design

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