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Flickr™ Featr® 008

Posted in Eyecandy by Suzanne on September 27th, 2005 | BBC Wikipedia

In this continuing series, Thee Temple ov Psychick Blah portrays Flickr™ photographers who deserve more attention.

Previously featured photographers with Thee Psychick Stamp ov Approval:

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Please use our submission form to suggest a truly outstanding Flickr™ photographer you stumbled upon. Thank you.


Jan XVI from Belgium.

If a "photo-grapher" is verbatim a light painter, then Jan XVI should be referred to as "skia-grapher" - a shadow painter.

His works are so full of magic and subliminal drama that I sometimes get a rather obscure suspicion that Jan XVI is in fact the person responsible for the set designs to Roy Andersson's eerie Sånger från andra våningen and David Lynch's Eraserhead, but that's an entirely different story...

© Jan XVI - click to enlarge

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3 comments to " Flickr™ Featr® 008 "

  1. Gravatar

    JanXVI says:

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

    September 27th, 2005 at 10:32 pm

  2. Gravatar

    ami says:

    very nice!

    September 27th, 2005 at 11:32 pm

  3. Gravatar

    Suzanne says:

    You're most welcome, my dear JanXVI!

    I just realized the other day that you were one of my first Flickr contacts ever.

    Thanks for inspiring me day after day.

    September 28th, 2005 at 1:13 am

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