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Kaisa Leka is a double amputee who publishes her comic book diary through a Hare Krishna publisher.

I just got through reading I AM NOT THESE FEET which details her decision to have both feet amputated to free her from being dependent on pain medication due to a birth defect.

It's quite a read and illustrated with kooky sub-Disney interpretations of herself and her friends.

It came from Finland via Duncan Juvonen - an English artist living in Finland who recently had a gallery exhibition showcasing his work from the two years he spent out in Ethiopia.

From the Helsingin Sanomat review:

The larger, individual paintings, borrow from street culture and Hip Hop in addition to Abstract Art and Pop Art. They have been painted on hardboard so the surface is 'monotone'. The surface then gives the impression of a wall, upon which a character is reproduced, and the entirety is decorated with graffiti, which renders the surface a 'wall'. This creates a universal urban feeling. In the style of a poster artist or graphic designer, Juvonen has stripped things down to the basics. The end result of the exhibition is not posters but a series of unique works of art.

His art blog is here and you can read his Ethiopian journal here.

We get into a little plane again. As we ascend from Gondor the view down onto the airstrip reveals a severed plane wing lodged into the grass like a knife in a block of butter. I don’t point it out to Anu. We skirt some wild mountainous hills. These are typical of the Ethiopian highlands as they all have these strange flat tops to the hills like when someone cuts the top off of a boiled egg or as if they are all prepared to be used as helicopter pads. We land high in these hills. A spacewagon taxi glides on a flat tarmaced road through foothills of olive coloured slopes spiked with cactus and giant pineapple leaves. The cactus have bright orange flowers on stalks and the yellow ‘enkutatash’ New Year flowers bloom everywhere. There is a fresh Alpine feeling. We start to wind up the mountain passing hundreds of farmers making their way up the steep climb to the Saturday market. A notable product is a stiff dried goatskin with ears and eyeholes and a cloud of flies. A man holds one by the hind legs like it is a machine gun. Donkeys are loaded with rocks which rest in these kind of giant bear traps slung over their backs...

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    Thomas Anderson says:

    that comic looks great.

    September 30th, 2005 at 4:07 pm

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