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The Tale of Mars Tokyo

Posted in Beaux Arts, Curiosa & Forteana, Eyecandy by Suzanne G. on June 3rd, 2004 | BBC Wikipedia

© Mars Tokyo
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Mars Tokyo is a recluse / artist living in North Dakota. She is reported to be a giantess effected by radiation at birth. Little is known of her background and no one has ever taken a photograph of her, but it is believed that she was born in Hiroshima at the time of the atomic bomb...

The above images are taken from several series of Ms Tokyo's Theaters of the 13th Dimension:

top: Teatro della Vanitas
I: Teatro di Intuizione
II: Teatro dell'Infinitá III
III: Teatro del Coniglio
IV: Teatro della Fragilita

... and now, please spend the next two hours of your life exploring the enchanting Visual Diary of Ms Tokyo.

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