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Cephalopodalia Nervosa

Posted in Beaux Arts, Comics & Manga, Exhibitions / Openings / Signings, Interna, Interviews, Moving Images, Tentacles / Cephalopoda by Suzanne on February 20th, 2006 | BBC Wikipedia

© Me - click to enlarge

Yes, I have a new hat.

Yes, I know you're jealous.

No, you're not allowed to touch it.

This is my last post before I'm off to England tomorrow. Weeeeeee!

Have a great time and please don't steal any letters and punctuation marks from my blog. I've counted them all and I'll notice if anything is missing.

Please feel free to visit Thee Forum in the meantime.

Thank you.


© Mizna Wada for The Wurst Gallery - click to enlarge

Bon Goût | Boonika | Brendan Monroe | Dan May | Error Magazine - Issue 01 | Found Magazine | Heiko Müller | Illustration Mundo | Joshua Middleton | Keren Richter | Mars-1 | Ruby Mag | Serge Seidlitz | Spartan Dog Magazine - Issue 12 | Stencil Revolution | Susan Burghart | The Wurst Gallery | Tomer Hanuka | Vektor Brigade | Viona Art


© David Malki

Wondermark - Wondermark is David Malki's gloriously demented webcomic full of Victorian-Era nonsense.


© Daniel Martin Diaz - click to enlarge

Gothic Nightmares - Fuseli, Blake & The Romantic Imagination at Tate Britain in London, UK.

February 15 - May 1, 2006

P.S.: I'll put the script to my recent presentation on Fuseli's erotic art online soon.

Remixing the Magic at Gallery 1988 in L.A., USA.

February 17 - March 10, 2006

→ Featuring: Tim Biskup, Ryan Bubnis, Sean Christopher, Luke Chueh, Bob Dob et al.

Jeff Soto's Supernova at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, USA.

February 18 - March 18, 2006

Preview show | View gallery | FF's A Week With Jeff Soto

Nostalgia at Galerie Magda Danysz in Paris, France.

→ Vernissage: February 25, 2006, 7 - 10 PM

→ Featuring: Ray Caesar, Sas Christian & Erwin Olaf

Me, Myself & Eye at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, USA.

→ Finissage: March 2, 2006

→ Featuring: Andrew Brandou, Howdy Partner & Dale Andrews

Kris Knight's Pompadour at the Dale Smith Gallery in Ottawa, Canada.

→ Vernissage: March 3, 2006

Max Beckmann - Die Aquarelle & Pastelle at Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, Germany.

→ Vernissage: March 3, 2006

Mark Mothersbaugh's The Postcard Diaries at Perihelion Gallery in Phoenix, USA.

→ Vernissage: March 3, 2006

Daniel Martin Diaz' Apocalyptic Resurrection at Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City, USA.

→ Vernissage: March 4, 2006 | Preview exhibition


Still from Chemical Brothers - Believe

Chemical Brothers - Believe - There's something so deadly sexy about paranoid Englishmen who wear casts and bite their fingernails. Directed by Dom & Nick.

Fawlty Towers - Germans - Everyone's favourite "Don't mention the war!" scene now on YouTube.

Rejected Cartoons - In the spring of 1999, the Family Learning Channel commissioned animator Don Hertzfeldt to produce promotional segments for their network. Here's the result...


Andrew Brandou interview (by Fecal Face)

Carla Torres interview (by The Drama Magazine)

Dan Clowes interview (by L.A. City Beat)

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8 comments to " Cephalopodalia Nervosa "

  1. Gravatar

    ro_G says:

    hope your fitting in the real green and pleasant land on your trip.

    February 20th, 2006 at 5:05 am

  2. Gravatar

    1 + 1 = 1 » schöner irren says:

    [...] Via der schweizerischen Blog-Avantgarde sprich Suzanne. [...]

    February 20th, 2006 at 8:59 pm

  3. Gravatar

    Diabolo-Menthe says:

    Oh the photos are great ! You are very pretty in "blonde-form" with such curling hair. I am glad to be able to put a face (and body ;-) to your name.
    With admiration, have a wonderful trip to Old Albion.

    February 20th, 2006 at 10:04 pm

  4. Gravatar

    Christine D. says:

    *looks for an interrobang to steal*

    (they're my favourite!)

    February 21st, 2006 at 2:22 am

  5. Gravatar

    adamPadam says:

    I'm beginning to wonder how you look on, say, an average tuesday afternoon... ;)

    February 21st, 2006 at 4:01 pm

  6. Gravatar

    Bibi's box says:


    The talented Japanese artist Mizna has a very nice work of illustration, from kawaii girls to horror illustrations. She loves horror comics from childhood, that explains why there are many works with this theme, even when they are cute, like her creep...

    February 21st, 2006 at 6:01 pm

  7. Gravatar

    anaglyph says:

    Tres chic hat. When you're done with the minor cephalopods you'll be wanting to graduate to this, maybe...

    February 24th, 2006 at 3:39 am

  8. Gravatar

    anaglyph says:

    PS - I borrowed two apostrophes, a semicolon and an ellipsis, but I put them back.

    February 24th, 2006 at 3:40 am

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