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Patricia Piccinini

Posted in Beaux Arts, Taxidermy & Grotesk by Suzanne G. on July 28th, 2004 | BBC Wikipedia

© Patricia Piccinini
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From top to bottom, left to right:
"Bodyguard" from: Nature's Little Helper
"The Young Family" from: We Are Family
"Red Set" from: Protein Lattice
"Part I - Laboratory Procedures" from: Science Story
"Exallocephalla Parthenopa vs Vombatus Ursinus" from: Siren Mole

"Last year I saw one of those extraordinary things, which reminds me that what I make is not so strange or far-fetched. As usual it was in a petri dish. This petri dish contained a small layer of cells, a thin skin of biological matter that was pulsating to rapid but steady rhythm. This was the first time that I had really seen stem cells. These ones had been differentiated into heart cells and they were doing what heart cells do; beating - flatly, geometrically, pointlessly..."

- Patricia Piccinini at the Biennale of Sydney, 2002

Patricia Piccinini caused quite an outrage when her We Are Family series was exhibited at La Biennale di Venezia last year.

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