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Bryan Crockett

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© Bryan Crockett
(click on thumbnails for detailed view)

From top to bottom, left to right:
"Pinkie", "Sloth", "Ecce Homo", "Somatosensory Homunculus", "Portrait of a Lifetime"

"... I am not opposed to genetic tampering, but I do believe that it will force us to come to terms with the metaphysical meaning of science. Because the lab mouse has been used to test almost every product, disease and other facet of human life, I have chosen to interpret this ultimate actor of modern science through the ultimate figure of salvation, Jesus Christ. Here, Pinkie (see above) is represented as the Christ child. The scale is that of a fleshy human baby, sculpted with the pathos of classical sculpture. His hand reaches upward in a gesture of blessing and his always-present stare places you at the heart of his soul. The vernacular of marble sculpture is important to this work. In classical sculpture, marble is the material of the flesh, and its sacred purity evokes a sense of divine creation and immortality."

- Bryan Crockett, on the occasion of the Terrors and Wonders: Monsters in Contemporary Art exhibition at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA, September 2001

→ Bryan Crockett is currently exhibiting his artwork as part of Mike Kelley's stunning group show Das Unheimliche at Mumok Vienna.

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