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Susan Jamison's "For the Curious" at Spanierman Modern, New York

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We Are Beautiful by Susan Jamison, 2008

My very talented and prolific iFriend Susan Jamison reminded me that her For the Curious show opens tonight at Spanierman Modern in NYC.

Susan writes:

"The exhibition title For the Curious makes reference to Cabinets of Curiosities, which I know is a reoccurring theme on Wurzeltod.

The animals featured in this body of work display genetic oddities such as the conjoined baby alligator in Twin Set [shown below].

Along with the larger works, a group of tiny cabinet paintings depict a collection of oddities and curiosities.

For the Curious is meant as a double entendre:

The nude women covered in body decoration, genetically misaligned animals and odd situations depicted provoke our desire to look at them, while simultaneously the works are a gift for those who feel themselves kindred spirits to the depicted oddities."

Twin Set by Susan Jamison

On show: April 10 - May 3, 2008

Address: Spanierman Modern, 53 East 58 Street, New York NY 10022, USA, tel: 212 832 1400

View exhibited works | Press release | Bio

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