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Cuddly Sunday Afternoon Art For All the Family From Fred Einaudi

Posted in Curiosa & Forteana, Erotica, Eyecandy, Taxidermy & Grotesk by Suzanne on August 17th, 2008 | BBC Wikipedia

Paddy Paws by Fred Einaudi, oil on canvas - click for details

My inbox managing slave labouring robotic WurzelMonkeys have just forwarded me this short and sweet email from a certain Mr Fred Einaudi:

"Thought you might be interested in my paintings..."

Hmm... all right... let's see what you have there, monsieur Einaudi...

Patriot (left) and The Mermaid (right) by Fred Einaudi, oil on canvas - click for details

• Child nurses proudly presenting their mummified zombie cat patients? Check.

• Bucketfuls of skulls in the beautiful early-morning haze? Check.

• A curious boy poking a drowned body with a stick under a rainbow sky that would make the cover editors of the Watchtower turn green with envy? Check.

• Seductively introspective Victorian girls with robotic arms? Check.

Hunger by Fred Einaudi, oil on canvas - click for details

So yes, monsieur, I can safely say that I'm not just "interested" in your work, but that I think you might even be that insane painter shitting in my brain at nightfall.

Oh, and à propos brains: Brain will be battlefield of future, warns US intelligence report. Engarde!

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