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Spondylitis For Fun And Profit

Posted in Curiosa & Forteana, Taxidermy & Grotesk by Suzanne G. on August 24th, 2004 | BBC Wikipedia


Please skip this post if you're easily offended
by... BRACES. :)

© Scoliosis & The Milwaukee Brace
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Let us start with a simple sloping plane used in treating kyphosis (there will be more exciting uses for this later). The patient is reasonably comfortable with the head in a traction harness. The traction is adjusted by changing the slope of the table. Even when used as an adjunct to exercise, this treatment appears rather ineffective for curing scoliosis or kyphosis.

Rising the patient to a fully vertical position increases traction but also the strain on the head. This forced extension will not win you the patient’s affection.

→ Scoliosis & The Milwaukee Brace:
Traction at the Turn of the Century


Picture index:

(From top to bottom, left to right)

• Vintage German korsett
• Vintage scoliosis brace, 1905
• The Kuehnegger CTLSO Milwaukee brace
• Example of early traction, ca. 1910
• An Italian extension Milwaukee brace (with neck ring)

(Link culled from the deep slimy abyss of
Trevor Brown's Baby Art Forum)

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2 comments to " Spondylitis For Fun And Profit "

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    Morpheal says:

    The artist is typically more fascinated by the deviance of deformity than the artist is interested in the undeviated, more mundange, form. Consider which trees in the forest attract the artist's attention. More usually the twisted, crooked, bent, ones. In some regards the same as to the human body. Adding the elements of inorganic apparatus, binding and melding with the organic form can also fascinate, in both a fetish and an aesthetic senss, though I would not separate sexual interest from a more intellectual aesthetic, as that produce only an evasion of the truths of aesthetics. Not to mention the delights of binding constraints and various forms of release, and their sexual and therefore aesthetic importance.


    May 2nd, 2007 at 11:41 am

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