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Ferdinand Schmutzer at Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna

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Albert Einstein by Ferdinand Schmutzer, 1921 - click for details

Ferdinand Schmutzer was a famous Viennese etcher and engraver and a little known photographer who - during his lifetime from 1870 - 1928 - happened to portray some of the most illustrious personalities of the glorious past century. His photographic oeuvre, however, disappeared from public knowledge and was only rediscovered under a Viennese rooftop 7 years ago.

His work is now the focus of a publication and a greatly deserved exhibition titled Ferdinand Schmutzer - The Photographic Oevre 1894-1928 that opened at Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna the other day. You can find all necessary details below.

On a personal note, I selected the portraits of Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud for a reason: Ever since reading their lucid exchange of letters entitled Warum Krieg? (Why War?) seeing them and their great minds together has always made me feel strangely awestruck, inspired and endlessly grateful for the way they - and their fellow 20th century scientists - passed their immense knowledge on to us - the future generations that would eventually fuck everything up. o_O

Anyway, I can highly recommend the little book as some kind of anticlimactic reading material that will make you wonder where all the big thinkers and changers of the 21st century are hiding.

Sigmund Freud by Ferdinand Schmutzer, 1926 - click for details

On show: September 25, 2008 - January 31, 2009

Address: Anzenberger Gallery, Regina Maria Anzenberger, Zeinlhofergasse 7, A - 1050 Vienna, Austria, tel: +43-1-587 82 51

Preview works

Publication: Ferdinand Schmutzer by Regina Maria Anzenberger and Uwe Schögl (editors), 228 pages, 100 photographs, published by Moser Verlag, Munich 2008

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