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Scott Radke Creates His Chef-d'Oeuvre

Posted in Eyecandy, Horror / Goth, Sculpture by Suzanne on December 20th, 2008 | BBC Wikipedia

© Scott Radke, 2008 - click for details/larger view

For the past 4 months, the insanely twisted Scott Radke (previously featured here) has been working on his pièce de résistance. A composition of such immense beauty that I'll make sure it will go down in The Annals of Greatest Sculptural Art Ever Created by Human Paws (because I'm the future author of this book, in case you wondered).

I'm speechless beyond belief (and trust me that this happens very, very rarely... I tend to talk too much about things I know too little about) and in deep awe - so please forgive me if I keep this post short and let the enchanting images speak...

Al images © Scott Radke, 2008 - click for details/larger view

My eyeballs would like to thank you kindly for this early visual Christmas feast, monsieur Radke, and congratulate you to your masterpiece of doom.

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