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Ericailcane's "Man Is The Bastard" at Carmichael Gallery

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© Ericailcane - click on image for details/larger view

Woohooo! Another incredible show not to be missed!

I was going to post this before the actual opening reception yesterday evening, but once again, my database server collapsed. Bugger.

But anyhow, who gives a mutated rat's ass about opening receptions? They're full of narcissistic humanoids obstructing the way to the actual artworks or even endanger the art's safety by getting drunk and stumbling around the gallery space. Distasteful, if you ask me. I try to avoid vernissages whenever possible. Oh, and exclusive previews! Don't even get me started - narcissism mixed with a feeling of faux social importance. Puke-inducing, to say the least.

So be grateful that you missed yet another opening reception due to my bookmarks being a mess and my server being flaky. Amen.

Anywaaaaaay, Ericailcane has a show up at Carmichael Gallery until January 28, 2009.

Revered mainly for his obsessively crosshatched & compulsively etched works on paper, his painstakingly animated short movies are just as ingenius and captivating and probably have the Brothers Quay go mildly green with a faint feeling of distant envy right now. Take a minute or two to watch Il Galeone, Helicobacter Pilory or Cinema Volturno, and I'm sure you'll understand...

The title of Ericailcane's new show alone - Man Is The Bastard - is so utterly true and sad at the same time that you shouldn't think twice about visiting the gallery and exploring Ericailcane's oeuvre in person.

Lepus Timidus by Ericailcane, ink on paper, 2007 - click on image for details/larger view

On show: January 10 -28, 2009

Address: Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art, 1257 N. La Brea Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90038, USA, tel: 323.969.0600

Gallery hours: Tue- Sun: 1 - 7 PM

Preview show

Artist's website

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