Spreading fear and mayhem in the visual arts.

Posted in Uncategorized by suzanne_tumblr on June 16th, 2010 | BBC Wikipedia

Wow.. epic boredom. Apart from the gigantonormous fluffy sleeves of course. 

I think this little fairy tale is trying to tell us to always brush our hair neatly and don’t wear rubbish bag leftovers on our heads or the Maruo-inspired clown will get us and torture us with his very mediocre rope bondage skills.

It’s called “Blink” so it could of course also be Blink-182’s new video clip. 

I really don’t (want to) know. 

Oh, and it’s… like.. totally about friendship too, dude! 

Also: Spot the big collective fart 8 seconds in. Such talented gals! 

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