Spreading fear and mayhem in the visual arts.



ForteanTimes, the magazine of strange phenomena:

"Mme Wurzeltod, who runs a very fine cabinet of curiosities, has put together a gallery of taxidermy, cryptozoology and animal curiosa that'll have you gawping for hours on end. Here 'tis."

Robert Marbury, Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists:

"Wurzeltod has been a really wonderful force in turning people onto great artwork."

... and...

"The beautiful, intelligent and talented Suzanne G. has been at it again. Besides bringing talented artists together, she has now made an incredible Cabinet of Wonder featuring talented artists and animals forms. [...] We remain in awe."

Joanna Ebenstein, Morbid Anatomy:

"Wonderful compendium exploring the ways in which taxidermy has been used as a form of creative expression, past and present, on the excellent Wurzeltod blog. Click here."

Daniel Blue of Motopony for Lost At E Minor, art blog:

"Whenever I need a dark art fix, I find my fingers automatically typing Wurzeltod into my browser. Suzanne Gerber claims to be an art nerd from London, but her ability to discover and distribute the works of these macabre and luscious artists borders on the uncanny.

I find myself in cathartic mortal conflict as I survey and am enveloped in the layers of soft laced velvet and pouty lips that I know hide those jagged daggers and the bicuspid mastication of my very soul. A vast and thrilling blog that tromps through the art world that the likes of JUXTAPOZ and Giant Robot can only hint at. Hats (and heads) off to you, Wurzeltod."

Laurie Lipton, my mum:

"GENIUS!!! And sick as all fuck. We are practically twins."

Derek Nobbs, artist:

"Suzanne is like an art superhero."

Ruth Marten, artist:

"I think nerd is too passive a term; how about high priestess?"

Maika Keuben, of Liquidnight:

"Thank goodness for Suzanne, her fantastic taste, her enviable ability to express herself, and her desire and drive to share with the rest of us. I mean that with all my corroded little heart."

John Brownlee, blogger:

"Suzanne is the razor sharp aesthetic who introduced me to Ray Caesar, by dint of her amazing blog template. It cemented her as a minor priestess of aesthetics to me. I rarely have the opportunity to link her blog, but I read her religiously, and she's one of the few bloggers out there whose personal life I find myself giving a serious damn about."

Coilhouse, blog collective:

"Her blog compendium, Wurzeltod, is one of my absolute favorite nooks on the net. [...] You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… occasionally you’ll gag. It’s bliss.

So go for the gas masks, stay for the marzipan, and tell her Coilhouse sent ye."

Josh G, ArtWire founder:

"Wurzeltod is one of the best art sites out there, and I'm not the only one who thinks that."

Jean Poole, Skynoise:

"Suzanne G.: Squirrels, squids, and not for the squeamish. Victorian era delicacies slipped into a macabre sci-fi blender. A browse of the archives will reveal cuteness and blood in equal measure, an animal kingdom perverted, mechanical oddities, regular snapshots of gorgeous contemporary art, and ultimately, the very quirky yet refined tastes of Suzanne G. [...] Adorable collections of the whimsical, esoteric and enchanting. Double plus good."

Ashley Benigno, of Notes From Somewhere Bizarre:

"I have followed Suzanne's blog - with her encyclopedic knowledge of art and taxidermic sense of humor - for aeons now."

Nicolas Mieville, of Erebos:

"Suzanne should be inscribed on the World Heritage List."

Ralf Schuetz, UrbanAllyance:

"Wurzeltod is definitely one of the most refreshing and coolest artblogs I've come across so far."

Ex Nihil Nihilo, blogger:

"The excellently written Wurzeltod is my number one source for art news. Thank you very much for your invaluable work, Suzanne!"

Joe Berardi:

"Wurzeltod is a walking Bunuel film."

Nicholas Kahn, of Kahn & Selesnick:

"We have always loved this wonderful blog. A cut above the lower bloggy depths."

Lindsey Carr, artist:

"Suzanne has a wonderfully unique and incisive voice as well as journalistic rigor which is sometimes entirely lacking on art blogs. [...] She covers a lot of artists I would never have heard of elsewhere and it's not lazy writing either. It's gloriously literary and it's pretty obvious she has an encyclopeadic knowledge of art history. She may be the only person I've read who has a critical edge to her coverage of the new underground/pop-surrealist/new contemporary arts."

Jared Joslin, artist:

"Suzanne is a peach with fantastic tastes and a stunning list of artist’s websites. I adore her and the time she devotes to her site."

Darla Teagarden, artist:

"The best art nerds gallery and blog on the planet!"

Stacey Ransom, production and set designer:

"Suzanne, the world needs more you."

Mia Mäkilä, artist:

"Wurzelblog is the best art blog ever! I've followed it since 2003; I love Suzanne's sense of weird humour and her taste in art. She is a blogger's blogger. Like a painter's painter."

Beth Bajema, artist behind Insects & Angels:

"Suzanne is one of my favorite net peoples, having offered for quite some time now a blog full of the best collections of pretty and spooky things you’d probably find in an attic or scary old lady’s mantel. She is one of the lovely people featured in the first Insects & Angels. This is a wee portrait I did of her. The original image and the dolls come from her own photography. Visit her site: Wurzeltod."

Elspeth McIntosh, artist:

"I have been a fan of Suzanne Gerber's Wurzeltod for many years now. So much inspiration has come from the website to fuel my art [....] sincerely brilliant!"

Amy Crehore, artist:

"Suzanne G. keeps us informed about unusual, fragile, decadent, beautiful, historical, intellectual and freaky happenings around the globe. [...] For someone with BAD taste she has an awfully nice nose for sniffing the good things out."

Kris Knight, artist and curator:

“I love Suzanne's site. She has great taste in the dark, the sweet and the historical.”

Claudia Drake, artist:

“Wurzeltod is... an eternal inspiration.”

Zaelia Bishop, artist of the Wurzeltod™ Ex Voto:

"Suzanne's blog is simply fantastic - a drawer full of incredible things and secrets."

Fiona Dalwood, collage artist and dollmaker:

"I always find myself trawling Suzanne's links for interesting stuff. She does have quite the eyeballs of taste."

Laurie Hogin, artist:

"Aggressive vulgarity, bad taste: A revolutionary emotional state the world needs now more than ever!"

Nicoletta Ceccoli, artist:

"I discovered a lot of beautiful nightmares through Wurzeltod, thank you for your blog of treasures!"

Susan Jamison, artist:

"Thanks so much for all your work on the fabulous Wurzeltod. I am a huge fan!"

Robert Steven Connett, artist of "Vomitus Maximus":

"The delightfully intelligent and lovely Miss Wurzel Tod - A superbly crafted site which speaks volumes concerning life seen through the eyes of its authoress.

Spend some time with Miss Tod, you will come away changed for the better."

Mark Jenkins, artist behind the mysterious TapeMen:

"This is a great site for artists and Suzanne the administrator is easily one of the freshest people on the planet. Also check out the erotica section of her forum that includes Thee Fishy Tentacle Thread ov Doom."

Mario Kaoru Mevy, musician:

"Discovering Suzanne Gerber's blog 2 years ago gave me an incredible creative boost, I discovered so much it's somehow too much for my mind to handle. She is without doubt the most awesome online curator!"

Nicky Peacock:

"An evil genius."

Frances, blogger:

"Suzanne's blog is like a magazine you always wish wasn't being read by someone else in your favourite café, and it's a colossal festival of hyperlinks."

Meredith Yayanos, thereminist & muse:

"Madame Wurzeltod's website is like a shiny brass key to some enchanted garden... I always discover the most delightful things from her. [...] Mlle. Wurzel Tod knows things. Go visit."

Tracy Lynette Mary Magdelene Browning Brock, the woman with the most incredible name:

"I love Miss Wurzel Tod's webpage. I can't explain why. Think Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas if filmed by a Victorian mortician who'd just read the Baudelaire translation of The Murder in the Rue Morgue. Very delicate lacy dead things. Only... better. What are you listening to me for? Go see the page!"

Greg, the mysterious linkless person:

"If I ever stop long enough to have kids to read stories to, I am adding Miss Wurzel Tod as a character into the Mad Tea Party."

Damien DeBarra, keeper of small furry things in jars:

"The link led me to an obscure back-water of the European internet. Some wacko, nutjob and her barmy gothic Victoriana. I chuckled. Almost immediately I liked it. Sepia-tinted and crawling with humour, it reminded me of those old episodes of Bagpuss: On the surface, drawn from a palette of dreary Victorian misery, but, in reality, shot through with the most freakish and surreal humour. This was similiar but better."

... and...

"Suzanne is the coolest thing to come out of Switzerland since the Geneva Convention. And the Alps."

Mike Mitchell, 3-year-old web prodigy:


Mlle Pereastee, stumbler:

"Une boîte à bonbons, un coffre au trésor, un cabinet de curiosités, une avalanche de liens comme autant d'horizons étranges et acidulés. A ne pas manquer donc; il est rare qu'un seul site ouvre autant de portes vers ce qui est beau, inquiétant, curieux et fascinant. Le mauvais goût de Miss W. Tod est absolument délectable."

VampirGruft, portal for happy gothlings with happy problems:

"Miss Wurzeltods Kreatives Chaos - Ich liebe Skurriles und nie Dagewesenes... Kunst also. Hier erwartet Euch ein morbider Quell, eine skurrile Augenweide, ein chaotisches Konglomerat mit viel Humor und Selbstironie.

Sehr inspirierend und grafisch|optisch immer wieder eine Reise wert..."

Frau Feli, blogger:

"Madame Wurzeltod [präsentiert] eine faszinierende Mischung aus skurrilem Humor, konsequenter Graphik und sagenhaften Fotografien, um mal mit Adjektiven um sich zu werfen."

Braintank, blogger:

"Eigentlich habe ich ja lange suchen müssen, bis ich eine wirklich romantische, zynische, faszinierende, melancholische und fotogene Web-Site gefunden habe. Hier ist sie jetzt: Wurzeltod."